The Top Sports Occasions in Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee is known for its vibrant music scene, delicious Southern cuisine, and rich history. But did you know that it is also a hub for sports events? From professional teams to amateur tournaments, Nashville offers a wide range of sporting occasions that attract both locals and tourists alike. As an expert in the sports industry, I am excited to share with you some of the most popular sports events in Nashville, TN.

Music City Bowl

The Music City Bowl is an annual college football bowl game held at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. It has been a staple event in the city since 1998 and has become one of the most anticipated sporting occasions in Nashville.

The game features teams from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), drawing in fans from all over the country. Aside from the game itself, the Music City Bowl also hosts a variety of events leading up to the big day. These include a Battle of the Bands competition, a parade, and a Fan Zone with live music, food trucks, and interactive games. The Music City Bowl is not just a football game; it is a week-long celebration of sports and music in Nashville.

Nashville Predators Hockey

The Nashville Predators are the city's professional ice hockey team and are part of the National Hockey League (NHL). The team has been playing in Nashville since 1998 and has gained a loyal fan base over the years.

The Predators' home arena, Bridgestone Arena, is always buzzing with energy during game nights as fans come out to support their team. The Predators' games are not just about hockey; they are also known for their lively atmosphere and entertainment. The team's mascot, Gnash, keeps the crowd engaged with his antics, and there are always fun activities and giveaways for fans. Attending a Nashville Predators game is a must for any sports fan visiting the city.


Steeplechase is an annual horse racing event held at Percy Warner Park in Nashville. It has been a tradition in the city since 1941 and is considered one of the most prestigious horse races in the country.

The event features several races, including the famous Iroquois Steeplechase, which draws in top horses and jockeys from around the world. But Steeplechase is not just about horse racing; it is also a social event. Attendees dress up in their finest Southern attire, complete with extravagant hats, and enjoy a day of tailgating and picnicking. Steeplechase is a unique sporting occasion that combines elegance and athleticism.

Nashville Sounds Baseball

The Nashville Sounds are the city's minor league baseball team and are affiliated with the Texas Rangers. The team plays their home games at First Horizon Park, which offers stunning views of the Nashville skyline.

The Sounds' games are a fun and affordable way to experience America's favorite pastime. In addition to the game, First Horizon Park also hosts various events throughout the season, such as fireworks nights, theme nights, and concerts. The Nashville Sounds provide a family-friendly atmosphere that is perfect for a day out with loved ones.

Tennessee Titans Football

The Tennessee Titans are Nashville's professional football team and are part of the National Football League (NFL). The team plays their home games at Nissan Stadium and has a dedicated fan base in the city. Attending a Titans game is an exhilarating experience, with the crowd cheering on their team and enjoying the game day traditions. Aside from the regular season games, Nashville also hosts the NFL Draft, where teams select new players for their rosters.

The event draws in thousands of football fans to the city and is a significant occasion for both the NFL and Nashville.

Nashville Golf Open

The Nashville Golf Open is a professional golf tournament held at the Nashville Golf & Athletic Club. It is part of the Korn Ferry Tour, which is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour. The event features up-and-coming golfers competing for a chance to move up to the PGA Tour. The Nashville Golf Open is not just about golf; it also offers a variety of activities for attendees, such as a Kids Zone, live music, and food and drink options. The tournament is a great way to experience professional golf in a relaxed and family-friendly environment.

Music City Grand Prix

The Music City Grand Prix is a new addition to Nashville's sports events, with its inaugural race taking place in August 2021. It is an IndyCar race that will take place on a temporary street circuit in downtown Nashville, making it a unique and exciting event for both racing enthusiasts and casual fans. In addition to the race, the Music City Grand Prix will also feature live music performances, food and drink vendors, and other entertainment options.

It is expected to draw in large crowds and put Nashville on the map as a premier destination for motorsports.

Nashville Soccer Club

Nashville Soccer Club is the city's professional soccer team and is part of Major League Soccer (MLS). The team plays their home games at Nissan Stadium and has quickly gained a passionate fan base in Nashville. The atmosphere at their games is electric, with fans singing and chanting throughout the match. In addition to the regular season games, Nashville also hosts the MLS All-Star Game, where the league's top players compete against a European club team. The event is a significant occasion for soccer fans in Nashville and showcases the city's growing love for the sport.

In Conclusion

Nashville, TN, may be known for its music and food, but it is also a city that takes its sports seriously.

From traditional events like the Music City Bowl and Steeplechase to newer additions like the Music City Grand Prix, there is something for every sports fan in Nashville. So next time you visit Music City, make sure to catch one of these popular sporting occasions and experience the city's vibrant sports culture.

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